Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

  • We Collect and Analyze Business Data
  • We Track the Changes in Business and Markets
  • We Provide a Backbone to Your Performance Management
  • We Unveil Early Business Units Risks

Business Intelligence (BI) at The Tableau provides a sound Decision Support System (DSS) to track your historical, current and predictive views of your business operations. Our services satisfy all your reporting needs, online analytical processing (OLAP) needs, data mining and benchmarking.

The Tableau’s BI will help you achieve business excellence at your own pace, within your budget. Our data mart and business alert tools and methodologies will help you stay aware of the new market trends and competitive forces. With our proven Knowledge Management techniques, driving business value is child’s play!

Business Intelligence is used for:

  • Business Process Management and Benchmarking
  • Business Data Modeling and Statistical Predictive Trends Modeling
  • Executive Information System
  • Collaboration Platforms that use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Knowledge and Learning Management for Excellence in Regulatory and Compliance

Some of BI critical success factors at The Tableau are business-driven enterprise project management; committed information management support and mapping business solutions to customer requirements.

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