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The Tableau Inc. is the premier provider of data market solutions and strategic consulting services for all your business needs. We offer you both a quick snapshot into your market conditions and a full-blown comprehensive analysis of your customer perspectives, your competitive forces and your untapped business opportunities. You may use this data to propel your business and you can combine it with our strategic consulting for full business turnaround.

The Tableau service portfolio provides you with both historical trends and market forecasts. We analyze the existing brands usage data and evaluate opportunities for channel expansion and brand re-positioning. We offer customer loyalty information. We work with your in-house teams to implement the facility-based tracking or readily take the whole process to our own facility. We provide consultative services on business turnaround and business process improvements that can improve your customer service satisfaction by up to 400%. We can also work with you on your brand recognition through business case studies, focus groups and tactful use of syndicated data!

The Tableau’s President and CEO, Ms. Irene Jeremic, brings over 15 years of experience in information management, eTechnologies, enterprise client services, market intelligence and business turnaround that directly translate into business profit for you.


Customized Market Intelligence Reports for Your Global Markets

Customized market intelligence reports offer quantitative analysis and extensive qualitative insight on the trends and issues affecting your global markets.

We survey your markets to quantify and assess the dynamics of customer behavior and loyalty. We deliver customized reports quarterly to provide you with valuable information about customer’s perception of your organization and your competitors.

Use this information for planning your new business strategies, consolidating product offering and (re)gaining considerable market share.

Corp Studies

Case Studies | Focus Groups | Corporate Recognition

The Tableau’s President and CEO, is a former high-profile executive, global Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Head of eCommerce, IT and Sales Services as well as Corporate Executive Advisor (CEA), who completed a makeover for Stork Craft, an international 1500-employee company.

Through the makeover, Ms. Jeremic has helped the company acquire three new brands in just 18 months: Ragazzi, Canwood and Status Furniture. She lead the teams of analysts, managers and sales representatives to develop the company’s eCommerce from 5% to 50% and she invented several business models that set new standards in the furniture industry. The new CRM solution developed under Ms. Jeremic re-defined B2B and B2C customer satisfaction at Stork Craft improving it by up to 400%.

Corporate case studies that featured Ms. Jeremic’s work enhanced corporate recognition. Some of the sample corporate case studies and corporate branding articles are the following:


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Ask us how we can help your business overcome organizational inefficiencies and re-align your business systems with your overall business strategy. Use our extensive knowledge and experience with turnarounds to consolidate your operations but also acquire new brands and launch new products and services.

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